obiettivo suppleprint TopJet

Project Objectives

The SupplePrint Inkjet Printing System is a revolutionary, modular packaging printing machine, with Industry 4.0 connectivity studied to reduce greatly productions costs, given its real-time printing technology designed to be adaptable to production lines and dedicated projects.

This machine increases flexibility and eliminates current systems limitations enabling to switch configurations quickly and easily from one package design, size and material to another, allowing for smaller production batches, greater speed (up to 100-150m/min), high-resolution graphics print of complex design (600 dpi) on plain packaging after filling with the product, translating in a lower packaging cost. While addressing our customers’ needs for customization and flexibility in printed packaging, SupplePrint generates cost saving up to about € 70,000 per year (60% less fixed costs/set-up times/ink-packaging recycle restriction).

The team SupplePrint, supported by the property, which have followed the project from the origins, was born from the cohesion of different departments of the company, Administrative, Technical, Research and Development and marginally the Commercial. After a careful initial evaluation, the TOPJET property, considered the constant investment in research and technological innovation, decides (at the end of 2014) to take the path H2020. In 2015 the Company participates in 4 calls in phase 1, always obtaining an evaluation beyond the threshold, passing phase 1 only to the fourth presentation at the end of the year. In October 2015, given that the coveted H2020 result seemed increasingly unreachable, the team decided to seize the opportunity made available by the call POR FESR EMILIA ROMAGNA 2014/2020 presenting the project of the prototype SUPPLEPRINT, in parallel in 2016 we start with the feasibility study that was presented for the first time in phase 2 H2020.

Finally, both goals can be achieved:

in April 2017 the funds are approved by the Emilia-Romagna Region POR FESR and, only at the fourth presentation phase 2 H2020, after having deserved well 3 seal of excellence, also the EU funds arrive.

The final evaluation of BRUSSELS, reached with the call of 5 April / 17, is amazing:

out of 23 votes, 20 are very good to excellence and 3° good to very good! How did we succeed? Good question:
focusing on the goal, we do not deny it very difficult to reach, with much tenacity. Introducing, call after call, an increasingly technologically innovative machine.
At the 3rd presentation of 18/1/17 we introduced Industry 4.0, quantifying in monetary terms the savings of potential final customers (approximately € 70,000 / year).

Also underlining  the “green” part with the use of inks with a very low polluting impact and at the same time highlighting the investments and the decidedly positive trend of the turnover that the company had reached in 2016. This allowed us almost a point and a half of evaluation  more than the previous presentation.
At the next call, we had brilliant idea, concretely achievable, thanks to new technologies; we have added augmented reality in the SupplePrint system, through the introduction and interfacing of glasses based on augmented reality,  remote collaboration for interventions on problems related to the functioning can be optimized, to the configuration and to the resolution of failures without the intervention of one of our technicians on site, but using the customer’s staff.

The augmented reality inserted in the SUPPLEPRINT machinery is to overcome the space / time difficulties, and no less important, the linguistic barriers, making the work intuitive and reaching short times and with simple methods.
The remote interconnected system, associated with visual information such as: wiring diagrams and data sheets video projected in the field of view on augmented reality glasses and the possibility of low-cost VoIP / GSM communication for audio interconnection allow and guarantee that problems can be solved real time.
It is precisely the innovative idea that sometimes makes the difference!

The project begins a prototype with the POR FESR 2014-2020 Funds of the Emilia Romagna Region on 01/01/2017 and continues with Horizon 2020 from 01/01/2018 with expected completion date 31/12/2019. Topjet, born from a past full of emotions and desire to do, which has lived in the first person since the beginning, bringing out an entrepreneurship that certainly does not have the traits of the detached management that we are used to, in 2020 it will turn 30 and we, TEAM Suppleprint TOPJET, look forward to a considerable increase in turnover and implementation of human resources in the 5 years following the production of SUPPLEPRINT exploiting the new business created.