Technical assistance

In the event that the customer needs assistance from Topjet, they will be provided with prompt intervention by specialized technicians. The assistance is available both remotely and at the customer’s site if the problem cannot be solved through telephone assistance.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers on an ongoing basis. For this reason we offer a punctual technical service and the following e-mail address is at your complete disposal:

Spare parts

In order to guarantee a comprehensive service, Topjet has developed an internal supply chain able to satisfy spare parts needs of its customers.

Any part needed to renew or repair your machinery can be found in Topjet.

You will find everything you need in our spare parts catalogue which you can view directly on our website or which you can request from our sales representative.

Technical training

We consider technical training for the maintenance and control of our machines essential, which is why at TOPJET we offer technical preparation to customers looking for autonomy.

Customers receive remote assistance from qualified technicians, who guide them step by step until they master the appropriate use of the machinery.


Topjet supplies a wide range of consumables of its own production for printers and labelling machines.

All our consumables strictly comply with all international standards and guarantees and have been designed to ensure the correct functioning of our machinery.

To view our wide range of consumables see our catalogue

For a complete, correct and efficient use of its machines Topjet offers the customer a wide range of consumables, such as inks, labels and thermal ribbons.

  • Various types and formats of labels and tags up to a maximum of 6″, for both manual and automatic printers.
  • Paper or PPL labels and colour labels.
  • Thermal ribbons in black, white, red and blue.
Macro character
  • Water-, ethanol- and mek-based inks of various colours.
  • Solvent for printhead cleaning.
  • Make up and mek-based ink (purple food ink also possible).
  • Solvent for cleaning the print heads.
High definition
  • CMYK colours available, as well as other colours such as red, green and orange.
  • Solvent and special cloth for printhead cleaning.