Horizon 2020

SUPPLEPRINT project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 778498.

Project Concept

SUPPLEPRINT: revolutionary, modular packaging printing machine, with Industry 4.0 connectivity studied to reduce greatly productions costs, given its real-time printing technology designed to be adaptable to production lines and dedicated projects.
This machine increases flexibility and eliminates current systems limitations enabling to switch configurations quickly and easily from one package design, size and material to another, allowing for smaller production batches, greater speed (up to 150m/min), high-resolution graphics print of complex design (600 dpi) on plain packaging after filling with the product, translating in a lower packaging cost. While addressing our customers’ needs for customization and flexibility in printed packaging, SupplePrint generates cost saving up to €70,000 per year (60% less fixed costs/set-up times/ink-packaging recycle restriction).

Project Objectives


  • Creation of an industrial prototype (TRL9) that provides optimised electrical and mechanical layouts designed to be adaptable to future print heads, which will include augmented reality possibilities [WP4]
  • Optimisation, finalisation and integration with the electronic controller of the three ink handling systems [WP2]
  • Unlimited number of SupplePrint configurations designed on client’s request to allow a wider printing area [WP1]
  • Printing Speed of 150m/min; quality resolution over 600 dpi; using eco-friendly MOF and UV LED inks [WP3]
  • Development on augmented reality application with Industry 4.0 capacity for easy & remote maintenance [WP3]


  • Preparation of the marketing, branding and communication strategy, dissemination for our SupplePrint offer and creation of a dedicated catalog
  • Market launch expected in mid-2020, it is expected to have a considerable amount of sales and consequently a substantial increase in turnover over the next five years
  • Pre-commercial actions, which consist of studying trends in growing sectors and following the goals, status and progress of competitors. Valuable information can be accessed by participating in the scheduled fairs (see TJNEWS) where new technologies will be presented and launched

Benefits Expected

TOPJET already developed and tested the first version of a prototype Inkjet Printing System based on our clients’ requirements (more speed, flexibility and printing quality). Our SupplePrint is a Single Pass Modular Inkjet Printing System that will integrate multiple printing heads configurations capable of:

    • Speed/resolution combinations of up to 150 m/min and over 600 dpi
    • A larger printing area (Height >200 mm [current limit], based on multiples of 50 mm, theoretically without limit)
    • A more colourful and detailed graphic using grayscale printing heads with different colours with data transmission of 1GB via Ethernet and Ethercat transmission
    • A wider range of applications, taking advantages of our recently developed TOPJET UV inkjet technology and for non-porous substrates other than ordinary porous cardboards /papers (e.g. film glossy cardboard, plastic, wood, food)
    • Adaptable to hostile environment working conditions as the kit is designed to work in industrial environments, developed with IP67 rating and performing with working temperature that could range from 5°C and 45°C
  • Confirmation of savings for customers: configuration costs, energy efficiency, reduction of the disposal of inks and packaging